Six Black & White Garden Décor Ideas for a Glamorous Outdoor Halloween Party

Black lantern and a white candle surrounded by paper bats decorate a Halloween garden party

Halloween is an excellent excuse to gather friends into the garden for one more lighting of the firepit. Wrap yourselves in blankets and set up for an outdoor movie night with old fashioned horror films on the bill – Frankenstein; Dracula; The Birds…

Halloween-inspired décor doesn’t need to be all dripping fangs and squashed eyeballs. By mixing up black and white garden accessories you can create a fabulous Halloween soiree with a touch of old school glamour.

Here are my six top black and white outdoor furnishing ideas for a Halloween garden party.

1. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Bring an indoor-outdoor mirror into your garden space for the reflections and movement that will create an uncanny other-worldly feel. Especially as the sun goes down and the beautiful autumn light is caught in the glass. I love this black industrial window-pane mirror from Rockett St. George. Decorate using a white marker and this crow silhouette template to give the mirror an eerie quality.

Indoor and outdoor mirror hung outside for a garden party

2. Lighting for Brooding and Shadows

It goes without saying that lighting should be low. Flickering candles in stark black lanterns or over-the-top black-painted candelabras to create and emphasise shadows. These Graham and Green outdoor monkey lights are fabulous and would be such a talking point. Monkeys seem perfect for Halloween too – they go from mischievous and fun to wicked and menancing in an eye blink and change of the light.

Outdoor lights in the shape of monkeys light the way for a Halloween garden party

3. Dark, Dramatic Planting in Monochrome Containers

If you are a little green-fingered then don’t let your black and white aesthetic stop with your outdoor décor. Choose a variety of black and white plant stands, like these from Made, and fill them with Black Mondo Grass – a spiky perennial with a fantastic brooding colour. Its leaves create a striking contrast planted up with snowdrops. I also like Viola Molly Sanderson which will provide a glorious show of black satin flowers all the way to the end of October.

4. Eerie Soundscapes

To create a spooky atmosphere for your guests, you can’t forget the background sounds. Music is fantastic of course, but for capturing the wind rustling in fading leaves, you can’t beat an old-fashioned wind chime! These black metal wind chimes are not, in fact, old-fashioned at all, and instead are beautiful to listen to (not tinny or annoying). They would, I think, add a delightfully unsettling feel to an outdoor horror movie night!

5. Painted Pumpkins

Pumpkin painted black with white floral moon is the centrepiece for a glamourous Halloween garden party

What would Halloween be these days without pumpkins? Pile them up outside your door, or use them as a centrepiece. This DIY idea for a black pumpkin decorated with fresh white flowers is beautiful, glamorous, and somehow just a little sinister.  

6. Black and White Striped Bean Chair

For living-room comfort outdoors I love our Armadillo Sun bean bag chairs. This new design in black and white stripe would add the perfect Beetlejuice vibe to a Halloween horror movie night. Its weatherproof fabric won’t be scared of the weather - or any spills from glasses dropped in fright!

Black and white striped bean bag chair

Please let me know what you are up to for Halloween this year. If you’d like some ideas for an outdoor movie night take a look here – or if you’re getting cosy for the changing of the seasons look at how you can use your outdoor furniture indoors here.

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