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Bring the Outdoors in for Winter | Eight Ways to Use Your Outdoor Furniture Indoors

An ocean blue beanbag chair sat as perfectly indoors as would it be in the garden.

We know that bringing foliage and flowers in from our gardens is good for the soul. Then why restrict this to plants alone?

If you are looking a little mournfully at your beautiful garden furniture and furnishings, so carefully chosen and arranged over the summer months, then don’t just store them away. Instead give them a whole new lease of life this winter.

Firstly, I can’t help but encourage you to keep using your outdoor space as long as you can. Wrap up warm; layer on blankets; make use of the firepit; and enjoy any autumnal sunshine. I’m not sure the light gets any better than at this time of year, and we all need to stoke up on the vitamin D!

But, when the weather really is dreadful, bring your outdoor furniture indoors using my eight suggestions for winter makeovers of your summer favourites.

1. Bring garden chairs indoors

Lime green bean bag chair looking comfy in front of a fireplace

With the challenges of the last two years, our homes have needed to work harder and we've grown to expect our furniture to be adaptable and multi-functional.  This does not stop at the back door. Look at it a little differently, and outdoor seating becomes ideal to bring indoors. It is hardwearing, easy to maintain, and can add texture and character to a space.

Outdoor chairs are often more compact and perfect for a spot in the hall to take off muddy boots. Or, like Armadillo Sun bean chairs, easy to move so perfect for pulling up in front of the TV. With the changing of the seasons, creating a cosy nook in a bedroom or study is another way you can get more out of your outdoor furniture.

2. Turn up the colour indoors with outdoor cushions

Colour has such an important impact on the psyche. As the days turn colder and greyer, consider turning up the colour indoors to deliver a little daily boost to the brain. Outdoor cushions are often flamboyant and bright, plus they are hardwearing and stain resistant so can be chucked anywhere. Mix them in on the sofa; add them to the kitchen bench; pile them in an unloved corner for the kids to collapse on. Be sure to give them a good wipe down to remove any muck from outdoors, but otherwise use them wherever you need a pop of colour.

We were very excited when Philip and Holly did just that and used Armadillo Sun outdoor cushions to add colour to the This Morning sofa!

Outdoor cushions from Armadillo Sun on the set of British TV show This Morning

3. Lay your outdoor rug in the kitchen

With our outdoor space becoming an extra room to our homes, patio rugs have become a popular way to bring a patio together. So, don’t roll it up and stash it away for the winter! Outdoor rugs are designed to be hardwearing and easy to maintain. Perfect for a high footfall area, or a kitchen, or perhaps under the dining table. An outdoor rug can add colour and depth and warmth, whilst protecting your floor from the ever-present winter mud!

This beautiful rug from Rockett St. George would certainly look just as amazing indoors as out.

Outdoor rug from Rockett St George looking fabulous indoors

4. Use outdoor pouffes and snack tables as handy extra seating

Outdoor pouffes and footstools / snack tables are such useful little pieces. They can be brought indoors and placed conveniently to put on shoes, or sat next to the fire. Perhaps even an invitation to play cards or a board game!

A board game of checkers is being played by two people sat on bean bags around a small foot stool table

5. Add outdoor chair cushions to kids’ play spaces

With shorter days and inclement weather, our kids and grandkids may be missing the freedom of playing in the garden. The cushion pads for hanging egg chairs are brilliant for rejuvenating an indoor play space. Pop one inside a teepee with books or simple toys, or make it available for den-making. As a bonus, these cushions won’t mind a few accidental spills or food stains.

If you like this idea but don’t have a suitable cushion already, Armadillo Sun have used our special soft and weatherproof fabric to make fantastic floor cushions. In a rainbow of colours they are perfect for kids and can be pulled from playroom to garden, and back again.

Kids floor cushion in pinky red surrounded by toys

6. Create a new vibe in an under-used room with your garden sofa

The joy of the sectional or modular garden sofa is that it can be rearranged to suit your space or the atmosphere and aesthetic you would like to achieve. If there’s a room that’s not being used as you’d hoped – perhaps a conservatory, a formal dining room, or a playroom – give it a new role in your home by adding sections of your garden sofa.

Perhaps it’ll turn an unused formal dining room into a cosy TV room; or provide an extra space for winter entertaining.

A garden sofa corner chair placed inside offers a cosy corner for a quiet cup of coffee

7. Turn on the light with outdoor lanterns and fairy lights

Lanterns, outdoor LED lighting, and fairy lights have been key to our alfresco dining and outdoor kitchen experience. Why not bring these indoors and turn off the ceiling lights to create a cosy ambience in which to enjoy these autumnal evenings?

FairyDusk are, in my opinion, the very best at creating flexible indoor-outdoor lighting that will add a sparkle to any space. These cordless lanterns are a perfect example of outdoor lighting that would work wonderfully indoors. You could even entwine some autumn foliage around their open frame.

Tall cordless lanterns provide light on beautiful decking

8. Transform an outdoor bean chair with a faux fur cover

We may be biased but we think Armadillo Sun bean bags look just at home in your sitting room as they do on the lawn. But, to elevate comfort and cosy to new heights, dress your outdoor bean chair in a soft furry faux fur cover. We’ve got Mountain Wolf or Alaska Fox greys, plus white, to choose from to truly transform your outdoor furniture for indoors.

A grey faux fur bean bag offers a quiet cosy corner for reading

Let me know how you bring the outdoors in to your home. I love hearing from you and, if you can, please do come and see us at the Spirit of Christmas Fair (1st – 6th November, London Olympia). We will be at Stand B24 with all the cosy furry bean bags for you to try out and relax on amidst all that Christmas shopping!