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A beach chair is essential for the classic British trip to the seaside.

But will it sink into the sand and tilt you out the side? Does it wobble precariously when you attempt to lean back into it? When you relax into its sea of canvas, will you require the attentions of the lifeguard to haul you back out?

My solution for a more comfortable – and less stressful – seat on the beach is to bring along a bean bag chair. Here are my reasons why...

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A few weeks ago, I had a lovely chat with Tanya from the Weekend Garden Party Podcast on all things garden! She gave me some brilliant ideas on what I could be doing in the garden right now to get it ready for spring. With the opportunity to invite friends and family into our gardens from the end of March, her fantastic practical tips on garden design, and where best to put your patio, seem especially useful right now.

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