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Children's bean bag floor cushions

Luxury Children's Floor Pillows

Following reports of – ahem! – children appropriating our adult bean bag chairs, we are delighted to announce the launch of some special new products for the smallest people in your life! Whether you have children at home, a little boy or girl to buy a present for or visiting grandchildren, our cute new luxury bean bag floor cushions for children will go down a treat. Maybe you’re furnishing a playroom or bedroom, or need some flexible, easy-to-store seating in the garden for your children and their friends. Indoor/outdoor bean bag floor cushions are a fun way to create cosy, comfortable places to sit and will brighten up every home and garden. 

Versatile and portable – the children’s cushion for indoors and out

Scaled-down, squarish versions of our bestselling bean bag chairs for adults, these mini-me children's floor cushions are much more jolly than your average seat and will make sitting down (and staying put) more appealing! These beanbag floor cushions grow with the child, from six months to eight years old. They're a place to relax after bathtime, read a story, play with friends in the garden, take to the beach, FaceTime granny or watch TV. They’re soft, squishy and supportive, with no hard edges for children to bang their heads or knees on, plus the zipper is safely covered. Measuring 85cm by 85cm and super-light, weighing in at 2kg, and with a sturdy handle, they are very easy to carry. Even the littlest toddler can go walkabout all around the house with his or her very own chair.


Stylish, contemporary bean bag furniture for children

It’s not easy to find fun yet chic children’s furniture that looks good but won’t date. With their simple shape and sweet ice-cream shades of Blush Pink, Apple Green, Orange, Ruby, Midnight Blue, Forest Green and Ice Blue, these cute bean bag floor cushions come in colours to suit every little miss or mister, but they’re sophisticated enough for the most grown-up of homes. Although they’re constructed from a unique, solution-dyed acrylic, they have the breathability and soft look and feel of cotton. Bean bag floor cushions fit right in to today’s informal, relaxed lifestyles.

Ideal for busy families: a children’s cushion that’s really easy to keep clean and hygienic

We discovered our chosen fabric, a solution-dyed acrylic, in Arizona. It’s inspired by the fabrics used by the marine industry and is brilliant for creating hardwearing, tough pieces that won’t stain, fade or rot. Armadillo Sun’s weatherproof and waterproof bean bag floor cushions will keep their good looks for years, even if they get grubby, bashed about or are left out in the garden, so…. they're perfect for children! Everything from mud to chocolate, jam to ketchup, simply wipes off. For extra peace of mind, they can be easily cleaned with a few squirts of Dettol spray or a mild solution of detergent. The water-resistant fabric means they will dry out very quickly. These bean bag cushions need never go anywhere near the washing machine or tumble dryer! 

Our luxury bean bag floor cushions are handmade in the UK

All of our luxury beanbag furniture is designed and created in our Kent workshop by Armadillo Sun’s founder, Caroline. Every piece is constructed to the very highest standards of craftsmanship: made from a durable fabric that comes with a five-year manufacturer’s guarantee, all seams are securely double-stitched and overlocked so there’s no chance of a bean bag explosion. Each bean bag floor cushion is generously filled with premium beans, so will give comfortable support without sagging or losing its shape for many years to come. We’re confident that your children will love their new bean bags as much as they love yours! We look forward to hearing what you think.

Caroline x