Get them something different this Christmas, a beautiful bean bag chair for kids

Toys are great and have a place in every child’s life, but most children I know (including my own grandchildren) seem to have plenty already.

I wanted to design something special, a place where our little ones knew they could return to, a comfy place that allowed them to dream a dream and explore their imaginations.

I kept thinking about how my own children really loved to read, drift off to imaginary worlds and create wondrous fantasies. I recalled them sitting by the fire or in their rooms, a gentle Winter light awash over their face as their little furrowed brows where trying to work out that next ‘big word’.

All this went into what you see below, our range of faux fur bean bag chairs and loungers. Somewhere that’s theirs, a little kingdom, a place to create and learn.

Faux Fur Bean Bag Chair for Kids

I also thought about this climate emergency we are all now facing. When I go shopping for presents for the children in my life, all I see are reams of plastic toys. Do they really need this on trend toy? Will it just discarded as it loses favour after a couple of days? How will those toys really be of benefit in the long term? What does it teach our children, to carry on being part of this throw away society?

So perhaps give them something different this year, something that will last for years, something they can pass down perhaps to their own children, as our products are really built to last.

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