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iPad Bean Bag Stand - Patterned

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Our iPad Bean Bag Stand is a versatile solution that elegantly holds any device at any angle

This clever stand accommodates your iPad, smartphone, Kindle, or any other device effortlessly, allowing you to find the perfect hands-free setup wherever you are. Handcrafted from the same high-quality fabric used in Armadillo Sun outdoor bean bags, this iPad Bean Bag is visually appealing, exceptionally durable, water-resistant, and stain-resistant.

What makes our iPad Bean Bag Stand unique is its ability to hold any device at any angle. This means you can use it for various purposes. Whether you need your device to be upright or tilted, this stand covers you. It's perfect for video calls, watching movies or even playing games, as it allows you to find the most comfortable and optimal viewing angle.

Not only is our iPad Bean Bag Stand functional, but it also adds a touch of style to any space. The bean bag design is not only comfortable for your device, but it also looks great on any surface. Whether you use it at home, in the office, or outdoors, this stand will add a modern and trendy touch to your surroundings.

Select an iPad Bean Bag in modern blue, grey, or navy patterns to enhance your home decor effortlessly.

iPad Bean Bag Stand - Patterned - armadillosun
iPad Bean Bag Stand - Patterned - armadillosun
iPad Bean Bag Stand - Patterned - armadillosun
iPad Bean Bag Stand - Patterned - armadillosun
iPad Bean Bag Stand - Patterned - armadillosun

iPad Bean Bag Stand - Patterned Features

  • Feature Overview

    • Designed for superior durability and stability.
    • Easy to clean – stains like coffee, wine, sunscreen, and chocolate wipe off.
    • Water resistant – perfect for the beach or by the pool.
    • Multi-purpose – fits any device at any angle; you can even use it as a neck pillow!
    • It is carefully designed to help prevent the aches and pains associated with modern-day device use. It is ideal for those with limited dexterity and arthritis sufferers or similar conditions.
    • It comes with a convenient carry handle that can be used to attach it to luggage.
    • Available in modern patterned fabric to suit your style.
    • Handmade in our small Kent workshop.
  • Specifications

    • Size: 32cm x 38cm x 32cm.
    • Weight: 170g
    • Compatible devices: can be used with any device, from iPads to smartphones to Kindles
    • Fabric: 100% solution-dyed acrylic.
    • Durability: water and stain-resistant; double stitched and overlocked
    • Supplied with beans: ready-to-use
    • Care requirements: wipe clean