Colourful garden cushions in bright blue and azure blue.

36 Garden Furniture Ideas to Crank Up the Colour in any Outdoor Space

Shopping inspiration for a patio bursting with colour

Garden designers talk a lot about colour palettes for foliage and flowers - but colourful garden furniture will bring an outdoor space to life year-round.

Outdoor furniture is traditionally delivered in subdued and neutral hues. So I've sieved through the bland to inspire you with a kaleidoscope of garden decor.

Even if you err towards the minimalist contemporary vibe, you'll find bold garden cushions you can turn to whenever you need the joy volume cranked up to 11.

Take a seat in the sunshine and browse my colour-filled outdoor furniture picks to brighten your garden, patio, or balcony.

Hot Reds & Orange

A bright patterned orange bean bag chair set back against a black fence on a patio.

Image: a bean bag chair in shades of orange illuminates a dark patio corner and picks out the splashes of crimson geum blooms.

Hot reds and orange sit opposite blue-green on the colour wheelso garden furniture in these vibrant hues looks incredible against a sea of foliage.

Full of energy, this outdoor decor will liven up a darker spot in your garden - you only need a few bursts of these powerful colours for significant impact.

9 garden furniture and decor products in rich oranges and warm reds.
1) Summer Stripe Orange and White Luxury Outdoor Cushions and Handwoven Lambswool Throw in Pumpkin (Armadillo Sun). 2) Recycled Outdoor Rug in Orange (Rockett St. George). 3) Ceramic Indoor/Outdoor Side Table (Anthropologie). 4) Etta Orange Bamboo Parasol (East London Parasol Company) 5) Luxury Outdoor Cushion in Medina Tropic (Armadillo Sun). 6) Spanish Terracotta Handpainted Planter (Andalucia Amor). 7) Pantone 17-1464 TCX (Red Orange), Pantone 16-1448 TCX (Burnt Orange), Pantone 16-1362 TCX (Vermillion Orange). Pantone  15-1157 (Flame Orange) 8) Weatherproof Garden Pouffe in Sigma Paprika fabric (Armadillo Sun). 9) Nomad Patara Rug (Weaver Green).

The Pinks

Pink flowers are a favourite in the garden, but pink patio furniture?! 

Don't write it off as cutesy - pink can pack a punch!

7 outdoor furniture pieces and garden accessories in pink.

10) Exterior paint colours: Arras 316 and Nether Red 315, sandwiching Olive Colour 72 (Little Greene Paint Company)11) Whitney Pink Bamboo Parasol (East London Parasol Company). 12) Outdoor Filifera Palm Pink Rug (Ruggable). 13) Orange and Pink Garden Bean Bag Chair (Armadillo Sun). 14) Powder Pink Bistro Set (Tang and Co. Home). 15) Antique Pink Garden Bench (Black Country Metalworks). 16) Patio Umbrella - 70s Cinque (Business &  Pleasure).

Deep Blue & Navy

A Moroccan balcony with tables and chairs and many hanging lanterns all in shades of blue.

Image: the beautiful blue balcony at the magical riad Maison Stella Cadente Marrakech.

A blue focal feature in a small outdoor space (whether a painted wall, a collection of pots in similar blue hues, or an azure blue bean bag chair) creates the impression of distance and space.

In a larger outdoor space, garden furniture in the colour blue - which is rarely seen in nature - stands out as a soothing stress-free escape.

8 colourful garden furniture ideas in hues of deep blue and navy
17) Forget-Me-Not Recycled Metal Flowers (Angela Reed). 18) Palm Navy Outdoor Bean Bag Chair (Armadillo Sun). 19) Luxury Sun Lounger and Weatherproof Garden Pouffe (Armadillo Sun). 20) Tile Ceramic Side Table (Anthropologie). 21) Azure Blue Garden Bean Bag Chair (Armadillo Sun). 22) Heraldic Galahad Indoor Outdoor Rug (Weaver Green). 23) Luxury Outdoor Cushion Palm Navy / Designer Outdoor Cushion Waffle Marine / Premium Outdoor Waterproof Cushion Ocean Wave (Armadillo Sun). 24) Exterior paint colour: Smalt blue (Little Greene Company).

Sunny Yellow

Yellow is an eye-catching head-turner - but many claim to dislike yellow blooms in the garden.
Instead, enjoy yellow garden decor for an injection of summer on your patio or decking (whatever the weather!).
5 outdoor furniture and decor ideas in the colour yellow, including a parasol, planters, a mosaic table, and a decorative butterfly..
25) Yellow Striped Retro Parasol (Sarah Raven). 26) Outdoor Side Table Honey Yellow (Fermob). 27) Exterior paint colour on planters: Mister David (Little Greene Paint Company) 28) Mosaic Round Table Yellow (Authentic Morrocan). 29) Metal Yellow Brimstone Butterfly (Chi-Africa).

Turquoise & Ocean Blue 

Turquoise - greenish-blue - creates feelings of calm and serenity. Even small touches of turquoise change the atmosphere of an outdoor seating area.

Paired with its complementary colours of orange and yellow, turquoise is enlivened. Or, in a minimalist modern garden, it adds a serene point of colour.

7 colourful garden furniture ideas in turquoise and ocean blue including outdoor cushions, a luxury sun lounger, a copper bird bath, and several luxury patterned bean bags.
30) Weatherproof Garden Pouffe Ocean Blue Palm Print (Armadillo Sun). 31) Ocean Blue Modular Garden Sofa (Armadillo Sun). 32) Verdigris Hanging Birdbath (London Garden Trading). 33) Luxury Garden Cushion Sigma Turquoise (Armadillo Sun) 34) Laurie Turquoise Blue Parasol (East London Parasol Company). 35) Lollygagger Bar Cart Sky Blue (Loll Designs). 36) Luxury Bean Bag Lounger Sigma Turquoise (Armadillo Sun).

Before you make your final buying decisions on bright, bold outdoor decor, make sure to read our guide to choosing a colour palette for your colourful garden furniture