Two people sitting comfortably at the beach on large sturdy bean bags.

Want a big sturdy chair for the beach? Bring a bean bag!

A deck chair is essential for the classic British trip to the seaside. No one enjoys sand in their swimmers, plus, let’s be honest, it's a long way down to take a seat on a towel!

I have a love-hate relationship with my old beach chair. I eye it with suspicion each time I inch myself into it:

...will it sink into the sand and tilt me out the side? much will it wobble if I lean back into it? it going to fold up and collapse as soon as I get comfortable?
...if I relax within its sea of canvas, will I need the lifeguard to haul me back out?

My solution for a big, comfortable, reassuringly sturdy, seat on the sand is to fling a bean bag chair into the car with us. It’s become as much a part of our seaside packing list as white bread sandwiches - and comes home covered with less sand!

Beach bean bag in a navy and white palm print on the sand facing out to sea.

Why choose a bean bag for the beach?

Let’s be clear, we’re not talking Love Island bean bags or inflatable blow-away sofas. Expertly made in the UK with luxury, cotton-soft fabric, Armadillo Sun outdoor bean bag chairs are the ultimate in comfort and are super sturdy.

Here are ten reasons I opt for a bean bag for the beach over the old folding chair I’ve banished to the shed.

1. It's a seaside chair that won't sink into the sand

With a broad base that spreads weight evenly across the sand, an Armadillo Sun bean bag won't sink or tilt precariously. I love my beach bean bag because I'm never sitting on the wonk!

2. For relaxing, it's the perfect, guaranteed non-collapsible, outdoor chair

Folding deck chairs might be convenient but, to enjoy a day at the beach, I can't be worrying that my seat will fold up and collapse every time I shift my weight. On a bean bag, I can relax comfortably, feeling secure and completely at ease.

3. Even on soft sand, it's the chair that's easy to get up out of

I know bean bags have a reputation for being shapeless and unsupportive - more blancmange than beach chair! Be reassured that I designed Armadillo Sun bean bags from scratch to ensure they feel like a chair to sit on - but are twice as comfortable!

The clever pyramid-like shape offers a tall back and wide sitting area (100cm compared to half that for an average beach chair) supporting you just where you need it.

I've spent a huge amount of time testing for the perfect quantity of beans to fill them with too. Each chair is soft and welcoming, but won't leave you swimming in fabric. When you sit down the sides of the bean bag will rise a little around you and under your knees, giving you something secure to push off to stand up.

With a well-tested shape and filling, I am proud that Armadillo Sun bean bag chairs are firm, supportive, and easy to get up out of.

4. For big and tall sitters, it's a comfortable and secure alternative to a deck chair

With a broader base and plenty of space to sit on and relax, I've found that bean bags are perfect for friends looking for a more robust seat at the beach. Plus, a bean bag won't collapse, tip, or sink uncomfortably into the sand.

5. A specially designed bean bag sun lounger is light and portable

For the days I'm looking forward to basking in the sunshine, I swap my bean bag chair for a bean bag sun lounger instead. Longer than a chair, they're carefully made so you can push yourself back into a horizontal position. They're exceptionally comfortable for front lying too as the shape allows your shoulders to relax and avoids the lower back pain some people experience.

With a handy carry strap and at only 5kg in weight (less than a standard sun lounger), it’s easy to bring a bean lounger along as you search for the perfect sunbathing spot.

Two women easily carry their beach chair bean bags using the carry handle sewn on the back

6. It's seaside seating that won’t fade and won’t rust

The fabric I use to make Armadillo Sun bean bag furniture is woven from acrylic threads that don't rust or discolour. The material is dyed before being pulled into strands - so the colour goes all the way through, like Blackpool in a stick of rock! It will not fade or wear off: each bean bag chair and bean bag lounger comes with a 5-year fade-proof guarantee.

7. Stop worrying about sand, salt, and suncream - all rinse off with ease

Armadillo Sun bean bags can be hosed down after an afternoon at the beach and left to dry - ready for your next trip to the sea or a sit in the garden. The soft acrylic fabric is stain-resistant and suncream, or a dropped ice cream, will wipe straight off without leaving marks.

8. The fabric is weatherproof but also breathable

Armadillo Sun outdoor bean bags are expertly made from a water-resistant, breathable fabric that allows air to circulate – helping to keep you cool and comfortable. A bean bag chair won’t heat up like the metal frame on some chairs and loungers.

9. A beach chair to sit on with my toes in the sea

A bean bag chair on the beach can get wet! Armadillo Sun fabric is quick to dry, and the high-quality beans do not absorb water.

I love to sit at the water’s edge with my feet in the waves - without fear that I’ll be tipped up into the surf!

A woman sits on an orange beach lounger bean bag looking out at the waves.

10. Stand-out in a sea of deck chairs!

I like to be a bit different, and a bean bag on the beach guarantees we'll stand-out from the crowd. Not only is it easy to spot from the sea (especially in our gorgeous bright orange fabric), but I enjoy the jealous glances from other beach-goers as I relax back in 5-star comfort on my bean bag sun lounger.

Bean bag chairs take up a little more space in the car on a beach trip but I think you'll agree it’s worth it. Plus they’re so soft and light that they can be flung across the kids’ legs in the back.

If you're lucky enough to have a beach hut, they're an absolute must as an alternative to deck chair seating. Add a hook to the wall and hang them up out of the way. 

Sit back and enjoy some Vitamin Sea!

Armadillo Sun is the UK specialist in luxury bean bag furniture. Every bean bag chair and lounger is carefully designed to blend style with durability. They offer versatility and comfort over traditional outdoor or beach furniture.