Why you don't want your outdoor cushions to be waterproof

It’s raining; it’s pouring…
…covering the cushions is getting boring!

The April showers are long and late this year. If you’ve had enough of diving in and out with the covers for your outdoor furniture, choosing waterproof fabric for the garden cushions and loungers might seem the solution.

I disagree (well, somewhat).

Here’s why - and the reason I chose this fabric for all the garden furniture we make at Armadillo Sun.

Five colourful patterned garden cushions on a metal garden bench

What does waterproof mean?

On soft outdoor furniture, waterproofing requires a plastic coating on the back or underside of the fabric. This physically blocks water and prevents it soaking the foam inside.


… until you sit on, or against, it for a few minutes and are left hot, sticky and uncomfortable.

The plastic coating stops not only water, but also air circulating. This lack of breathability is why you’ll have needed to peel yourself off some outdoor furniture – an altogether unpleasant experience.

Choose water-repellent and let your body breathe

Opting for water repellent fabric provides protection from the rain, whilst also allowing air to circulate – keeping you comfortable and encouraging your furniture to dry fast.

Water resistant fabric for outdoor furniture with water beads rolling down it

If there’s a real downpour and water does penetrate the fabric it will run straight through it and evaporate quickly.

When this happens, what’s on the inside of your outdoor furniture becomes equally important. Otherwise, when the outer fabric feels dry to touch, the interior may still be wet and squelchy – which you’ll discover when you sit down!

What’s inside matters

All Armadillo Sun outdoor beanbag furniture is filled with the very highest quality beans. They don’t absorb any water – we’ve even been able to use them to create a floating pillow for the pool!

The cushion pads we offer as part of our made-to-measure service use a special honeycomb foam. This allows water to drain straight through it - rather than being absorbed to make your cushion a heavy soggy sponge.

Both materials ensure that your outdoor furniture dries quickly and thoroughly. Essential if you’re going to exploit every break in the clouds!

Why Armadillo Sun fabric is perfect for the outdoors

Outdoor furniture needs to be tough as well as beautiful.

We use acrylic threads, dyed during the making process, and then woven like ordinary cloth. As a result, the colours don’t fade like printed acrylic. It is a soft material with a light cotton-like feel – and can be enjoyed as much indoors as out.

The fabric was originally designed for use by the marine industry and, except when under a deluge, rain runs straight off it. However, it’s still breathable, wonderfully comfortable to sit on and, after a downpour, will dry rapidly.

All our furniture, from bean bag chairs to garden sofas to outdoor scatter cushions, is made from the same unique fabric. No more running your patio furniture in and out of the shed to catch the sun and miss the showers!

Instead take the fuss-free option and leave your garden furniture cushions outside in all weathers. Even the luxury Armadillo Sun cushioned sun lounger can stay outdoors all year.

Get in touchor read our outdoor fabric furniture FAQsif you have any questions about our weatherproof garden furniture and the special material it's made from.

Garden sofa and ottoman in ocean blue, with bright orange weatherproof cushions

Armadillo Sun are specialists in outdoor bean bag furniture. Each piece is carefully designed to blend style with durability and is so much more versatile than traditional garden furniture. Transform your patio or outdoor space with UK-made luxury bean bags.

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