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Add a comfortable, but reassuringly sturdy, beach chair to your seaside packing list

A beach chair is essential for the classic British trip to the seaside. No-one enjoys sand in their swimmers, plus, let’s be honest, taking a seat on a towel can feel a long way down!

I had a love-hate relationship with my old sunlounger and would eye it with suspicion before inching myself into it…

Was it going to sink into the sand and tilt me out the side?

Would it wobble precariously if I attempted to lean back into it?

If I relaxed within its sea of canvas, would I require the attentions of the lifeguard to haul me back out?

My solution to find a comfortable, secure, seat on the beach is to fling a bean bag chair into the car with us. It’s become as much a part of our seaside packing list as white bread sandwiches (and gets covered with less sand!)

Navy beach chair bean bag on the sand

Why choose a bean bag for the beach?

Let’s be clear, we’re not talking Love Island bean bags, or inflatable blow-away sofas – as fun as they are! Made with luxury, cotton-soft fabric and filled with plenty of beans, bean bag chairs can be the ultimate in comfort and are super sturdy.

Here are six reasons I choose my bean lounger over the folding beach chair that I’ve banished to the shed!

1. A beach chair I can relax back into – and then get up out of!

With a broad base and high back, the tear drop shape of Armadillo Sun bean bag loungers feels secure and comfortable. When creating the very first pattern and design for the chairs, I spent a lot of time testing for just the right amount of beans. I wanted each chair to be soft and welcoming, but not leave you swimming in fabric. As a result, I am proud to say that Armadillo Sun bean bag chairs are firm and supportive and, importantly, easy to get out of.

2. A sun lounger that’s light and simple to carry

My aim when choosing to make bean bag furniture was to provide a flexible solution for outdoor seating, with portability being high on the list of requirements. Every one of our bean bag chairs and loungers has a handy carry strap so you can pop it over your shoulder. At only 5kg in weight (less than a standard sunlounger), it’s not a hassle to bring it along with you as you search out the perfect sunbathing spot.

Two women easily carry their beach chair bean bags using the carry handle sewn on the back

3. Seaside furniture that won’t fade and won’t rust

The fabric used to make all Armadillo Sun bean bag furniture is woven from acrylic threads that don't rust or discolour. The material is dyed before being pulled into strands - so the colour goes all the way through, like Blackpool in a stick of rock! It will not fade or wear off and, in fact, each bean bag chair comes with a 5-year fade-proof guarantee.

4. Rinse off sand, salt, and suncream with ease

Armadillo Sun bean bags can be hosed down after an afternoon at the beach and left to dry - ready for your next trip to the sea, or perhaps a sit in the garden. The acrylic fabric is stain resistant and suncream (or a dropped ice cream) will wipe straight off without leaving marks.

5. A sunlounger in breathable material - no more sticky skin!

A bean bag chair won’t heat up like the metal frame on some loungers. We have also carefully chosen a water-resistant, breathable fabric that allows air to circulate – helping to keep you cool and comfortable.

6. A beach chair to sit on with my toes in the sea

A bean bag chair on the beach can get wet! Armadillo Sun fabric is quick to dry, and the high quality beans do not absorb water.

I love to sit at the water’s edge with my feet in the waves, but without fear that I’ll be tipped up into the surf!

A woman sits on an orange beach lounger beanbag looking out at the waves

Bean bag chairs do take up a little more space in the car on a beach trip but, for all the reasons above, we think it’s worth it – and they’re so soft and light they can be flung across the kids’ legs in the back. If you are looking for something more compact, perhaps consider Armadillo Sun floor cushions which are made from the same luxury, hardwearing, fabric.

Whatever you choose, sit back and enjoy some Vitamin Sea!

Armadillo Sun are specialists in luxury bean bag furniture. Each piece is carefully designed to blend style with durability and is so much more versatile than traditional outdoor furniture.