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Our bean bag loungers and five tips to create the perfect den for teenagers or playroom for kids

We were recently commissioned to make some of our signature bean bag loungers for a well-regarded private school that was having a revamp of their Sixth Form common room. The robust, practical wipe-clean fabric that we use, coupled with the practical comfort and portable nature of our bean bag seats, made them the obvious choice. If the onset of Autumn is making you want to redecorate, here are our top five tips for creating a den for teenagers or the perfect playroom for younger children:

in a gaming chair in front of a screen

Creating a chill-out den for teenagers

  1. Incorporate low level seating for gaming and watching TV. Dens should be all about the lounging and the comfort, somewhere they will be able to unwind and relax.
  1. Make sure there’s enough plug sockets and charge points. This being the gadget generation, after all.
  1. Add a fridge, toaster and coffee station. You’ve seen how much they eat and it saves them messing up your kitchen!
  1. Use easy to maintain fabrics and décor. We may be doing them a disservice, but in our experience, teenagers are not all that interested in keeping things clean and tidy, so keep things simple for your sanity and theirs!
  1. Let them get creative. Being a teenager is all about exploring your individuality, so let them put their own stamp on it too, with their choice of artwork or photos.

Design a playroom for kids

  1. Include different colours, textures and fabrics. Make it a fun sensory experience for them. Consider including an interactive floor mat.
  1. Make sure there’s plenty of floor space. Give them room for imaginative play. Using light, easily moveable furniture will help.
  1. Add plenty of comfy seating. This encourages them to socialise with friends or find some quiet time to snuggle up with a book.
  1. Use durable, wipe-clean materials. Waterproof, tear-proof fabrics, wipe-clean paint and non-scratch flooring will make your life a lot easier!
  1. Incorporate plenty of storage. You can never have enough storage. Make use of any available space, and think about making it low level to encourage them to help with the tidying up!