Leave the garden furniture cushions outside - and the fuss at the door!

Soft fabric garden sofa outside and covered in cushions

Take the drama out of the British weather with garden cushions that stay out in the rain

Hands up who has a weather alert set on their phone so they’re ready to sprint outdoors and scoop up the cushions before the rain sets in?

Does a midnight clap of thunder have you leaping out of bed to tuck the garden sofa into its cover?

Wouldn’t it be nice to talk about something other than the weather? Especially when it’s the garden furniture cushions we're worrying about!

The lingering sense of jeopardy when garden furniture cushions have been left outside, uncovered, is exhausting. It’s also unnecessary.

I love lounging outdoors and comfort is compulsory. Cushioned furniture is a must-have, but it has to be fuss-free.

In. Out. On. Off.

The cushion Hokey Cokey is not a dance I’m signing up for! 

Instead, I want gloriously comfortable, cushioned, garden furniture that can be left outside...

in the rain...

in the sun...

even in the snow.

A rattan garden sofa with customised garden furniture cushions outdoors in winter and covered in a thick layer of snow

Image: snow is no problem for these custom-made Armadillo Sun garden sofa cushions.

Here’s why Armadillo Sun garden furniture can stay outside in all-weathers:

1. Water-repellent fabric

Armadillo Sun furniture fabric is woven from water-repellant threads. Rain beads on its surface and runs straight off.

Garden sofa fabric and outdoor cushion with beads of rainwater running down the woven material

2. UV-resistance

All Armadillo Sun fabric has been constructed with the marine industry in mind (but designed for luxury). It is not damaged by saltwater, chlorinated pool water, or sunshine. The colours and patterns you choose for your garden furniture will stay true and bright.

Modular garden sofa outdoors on a hot and sunny day, covered in orange cushions

3. Non-absorbent filling

In a downpour, where water penetrates the fabric seams, it runs straight through to the other side without being soaked up into the cushion.

We use premium polystyrene beads as the inner to all our garden furniture because it does not absorb or retain any moisture. As a bonus, it also moulds gently around your body for exceptional comfort, guaranteeing luxury lounging without the risk of a soggy bottom!

4. Quick-drying

In an inclement summer, or a typical spring, it's essential to make the most of any gaps between rain showers. Armadillo Sun furniture dries fast. Firstly, because pooling water is easy to shake from the surface of the water-repellent fabric. Secondly, the bean-filling in our soft garden furniture encourages air to circulate in and around the fabric, encouraging moisture to evaporate.

The result? Less time watching cushions dry, and more time relaxing outdoors.

5. Prevent mould and mildew

With quick-drying fabric, and no soggy sponge inner, the breeding ground for nasties is eliminated. If an unwiped stain does become a little mossy, a jet wash easily removes it.

6. Minimal maintenance

Armadillo Sun garden furniture has no rattan frame to split; or metal to rust; or wood that needs maintaining.

Jet wash it for a spruce up and you’re ready to lounge!

Can you really leave cushioned garden furniture outdoors? Read our testimonials...

Soft fabric furniture that can be left outdoors in all weathers is hard to believe. So, please take a look through all the Armadillo Sun product reviews for unbiased, independent opinions.

“Very pleased…it really does dry as quick as they said”

“Ideal for outdoor living… does not go mossy or green when left out in the damp”

“An excellent product… copes well with all the rain that arrived the moment it was delivered!”

Armadillo Sun furniture is made by hand here in the UK. Get in touch for more information, or check out our FAQs on soft cushioned garden furniture.

Soft fabric garden furniture on an outdoor patio and covered with blue, grey and navy outdoor scatter cushions

Armadillo Sun are specialists in outdoor bean-filled furniture. Each piece is carefully designed to blend style with durability and is more versatile than traditional garden furniture. Transform your patio or garden with UK-made luxury bean bags.

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