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Here's why our bean bags are good for kids as well as adults

While we haven’t designed our bean bags specifically for kids, they are a comfy and versatile seating option no matter what your age. We’ve recently delivered some of our uniquely waterproof and practically indestructible bean bag chairs to a private school in Surrey for their Sixth Formers to enjoy in their newly refurbished Common Room, and we’ve had feedback from teenagers and adults alike that they make great gaming chairs too.

We love hearing how our customers enjoy their Armadillo Sun bean chair purchases, and one story which warmed our hearts was from the parents of a little boy suffering from cystic fibrosis who were looking for a bean bag for kids to help their son manage his pain. The softness and pliability of the bean filling means that the chair moulds to the person’s posture sitting in it, and gives a weightless sensation, as there are no hard pressure points on the body. They chose our bean bag design because of the amount of beans we fill our bags with - more than many other bean bags on the market, which means our bean bag chairs and loungers give really good support while still feeling soft. Each bag is bean filled by hand and individually stitched, too, ensuring the quality that is the hallmark of every Armadillo Sun product.

For people suffering from backache, arthritis or joint ache, or any other physical chronic pain condition, the supported cushioning of a bean bag chair can provide welcome relief. So not just a conveniently portable extra seat, but one that kids and adults alike can truly relax in. We’ve also heard they make great nursing chairs for mum and baby. Let us know what you like to use your Armadillo Sun bean bag chair for! We design them so that you can #sitinanysetting, and we’re always interested to know what setting you choose them for.