How to create a pop-up cinema in your garden

I Know What You Did Last Summer… created a garden cinema! A long, hot staycation is looming, so our thoughts turn to some fun new home entertainments. It’s surprisingly easy to rig up a cinema outdoors. You will need a sheltered spot and:

1. A device to play movies, such as a laptop

2. A projector

3. A speaker, if there is not one built in to your projector

4. A screen – this could be as simple as a sheet draped over a line strung between two trees or blackout material hooked up to a fence. Alternatively, you can buy all sizes of projector screens online, or even hire an inflatable screen! 

How to create an outdoor cinema

      Setting the scene with luxury beanbag chairs and loungers

      Once the tech is assembled, you’ll want to create a really relaxing space where you, your family and guests can happily lounge about for a couple of hours or more. The priority will be super-comfortable and supportive garden furniture that you can easily shift about so that everyone gets a great view. Look to our lightweight luxury bean bag chairs in stylish plain or patterned fabrics, or really stretch out on our loungers. Our beanbag furniture is built to last, and won’t sag or split. Handmade in our Kent studio, all our pieces are tough, durable and double-stitched using marine-industry-standard fabrics that come with a five-year guarantee.

      If you want to cosy up, go with the Monaco modular range, which allows you to create squishy sofas for two (or more!) simply by linking the generously sized beanbag chairs together using D-ring connectors. Put your feet up on a matching or patterned ottoman. Add a few bean bag tables or pouffes for trays of drinks and snacks. For warmth, our luxury woollen throws will keep you snug as night falls; you might also consider a portable firepit or a garden stove. Check out our patterned and plain outdoor cushions – these can be thrown around and left outside all summer long, as they are all made from our signature, no-mould, no-fade fabric. Keep the lighting low with a few strategically placed lanterns that will enable you to move around without tripping up, but will not detract from the bright lights of the movie screen. Rugs will also help create an informal, outdoor living-room vibe.

      No-stress classic refreshments and easy-to-maintain garden furniture

      Lastly, you’ll need all the fun bits – vats of popcorn, tubs of ice cream, gallons of fizzy drinks and of course a cocktail or three! The downside to movie nights at home is that, unlike a real cinema, it will be down to you and your family to clear up. Never fear. Being outside will hide all of the crumbs and most of the mess, plus all of our furniture is easy to clean and stain-resistant – everything from melted chocolate to red wine will simply wipe off. And if the worst happens (it starts to rain) you can leave it outside, because it’s waterproof, too. Phew. We love a happy ending!

      Five Great Films to Watch Outdoors

      Top Gun

      La La Land

      Jurassic Park

      Ferris Bueller’s Day Off


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