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It’s good to be green

Here at Armadillo Sun, we love colour and we love outdoor living. It’s nature’s rainbow of colours that inspires our designs and fabrics. Green is the colour of balance and harmony – and who doesn’t need more of that in their life? Green is fresh, cheerful and always in fashion. Being so easy on the eye, it’s often our first point of call when looking to bring a burst of colour into our homes and gardens. Here’s why we love it so.

Adult Bean Bag Chair in Green

A short history of green

Green is associated with new life, hope, health, youth, safety and spring. In ancient Egypt, green was the symbol of regeneration and rebirth. In the Middle Ages, the colour of clothing indicated a person’s social rank and profession (green was worn by merchants, bankers, and the gentry). In many cultures, the colour green is also the shade illustrating divine and religious figures. In the Muslim world, the colour green is closely related to the Prophet Muhammad, while in Japan, green signifies eternal life. Today, green is synonymous with being eco-friendly.

Luxury Adult Green Bean Bag Furniture

Why choose green for your luxury bean bag furniture?

One of the most pleasing colours of the colour wheel, green creates an atmosphere of serenity and calmness, echoing nature and its ability to help us clear our minds and destress. Research shows that green can spark creativity, making it a good colour for dreamers and doers alike.

Our green indoor/outdoor furniture – where to put it and how to style it

Want this soothing colour in your home and garden? Armadillo Sun’s bright and zesty green plain and patterned furniture and accessories encompasses luxury bean bag chairs, loungers and tables, along with all-weather cushions. Every piece is made by hand in our Kent studio and looks as good indoors as out – like a little bit of spring!

Out on a terrace, a lawn or by the pool, our stylish soft furnishings will create that elusive garden-room vibe in a low-key way, adding cheer and brightness on even an overcast day. For pops of colour, add luxury cushions in contrasting orange or turquoise or play it more subtly with Coolum- or Tulip-patterned green cushions. The tough woven fabrics we use mean our furniture is weatherproof and stain-resistant, so you can leave it outside all summer long.

Green Bean Bag Chairs and Loungers

Indoors, green furnishings are the perfect choice for a conservatory, living room, kitchen diner or breakfast room. Armadillo Sun’s graphic Tulip chairs and loungers will make a statement against a neutral backdrop of creams, greys or taupes. Bring nature inside with hanging planters, pots of herbs and succulents and modern botanical prints and pop art. Green looks super-fresh against white walls and floors, while green and blue is one of Nature’s favourite classic combinations, conjuring up impressions of forest, sky, fields and oceans. Green furniture also looks fabulous with the moody, dark blue-painted walls that are currently so on-trend. For easy chic, combine our green bean bag chairs with Pumice grey or Ocean Blue pieces.

Achieve a modern, relaxed look by choosing bean bag chairs and loungers in two, three or more bright colours – try green with navy or turquoise – and layer up with patterned cushions and throws. More daring colour pairings for green include pink and orange. Green is a very easy colour to live with, but if you’re not sure you can always try out our fabric swatches in your home.