Is your garden ready for guests? Five ideas for a (socially distanced) party-ready patio

A garden sofa ready for guests outdoors on the patioWe can begin to gently - slowly, cautiously - look forward to meeting up with friends and family again. If you are planning your first small group get-togethers for Easter then the patio, if you are lucky enough to have one, is going to come into its own. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be getting in touch with friends, tentatively putting dates in the diary, and using these five ideas to get my patio ready for some socially distanced catch-ups.

1) Clean & declutter

It’s time to rake up the soggy leaves and windswept debris and pop it all on the compost heap. Use a pressure washer, or some soapy water and a scrubbing brush, to give the patio a good clean – you’ll definitely want to avoid it being slippery with lichen. Get rid of broken plant pots (perhaps save them for crocks for some spring planting) and prune overgrown branches. You want to open up a bit of a space and light. Perhaps even take the time now to add some outdoor fairy lights, or mason jars for candles.

2) Spruce up the outdoor furniture

Bring the outdoor furniture out, or uncover it, and give it a good clean. Wooden furniture might need some wood oil to reseal it; and check for mildew on any fabrics. Armadillo Sun fabric is guaranteed against rot and mould for five years and will only need a quick wipe with a cloth and mild detergent. If you have different households meeting up, you’ll want to maintain sensible distances between people, so make sure you have enough separate seating. A soft outdoor coffee table acts as a handy extra stool if you are short – or invest in a modular garden sofa. Perfect for these times, each sofa chair functions wonderfully as an individual seat which is easily moved and positioned – and then, come the summer, and the hope of the easing of social restrictions, you can connect them all together for the ultimate in laidback style. Add a bean bag lounger or two and you’ll have everyone covered with room to spare. Accessorise with waterproof cushions to add to the ambience.

3) Keep warm & dry (ish!)

It’s Easter time: we can’t count on warm dry weather (which is why I designed all our outdoor furniture to be properly weatherproof). You might consider a patio heater, or even a gazebo with open sides to provide some refuge - or just the patio sun umbrella doubling up against a downpour. Make sure everyone has a cosy throw or blanket to snuggle under, perhaps a hot water bottle, and embrace the chill. If you want to take it up a notch, then this absolutely beautiful fire pit offers both form and function, and will keep you toasty warm.

A beautiful Woodee fire pit with marshmallows ready to toast

4) Feed the cold with LOTS of food

It’ll be a little while longer before restaurants can open again, so, if you can, I’d recommend supporting your local eateries by ordering in.  An outdoor pizza oven, with everyone creating their own, would also keep you warm whilst creating the most scrumptious snacks . Or dust off the BBQ and make this the first one of the year! Alternatively, cook up a huge stew to serve outside in mugs.

5) Indulge in a patio feature

If you’ve been lusting over a chiminea or a striking fire pit, this is the time to go for it! Perhaps an outdoor rug to recreate the inside outside? Alternatively go wild in the garden centre for pots and foliage and colourful spring blooms. If you’d prefer something more long-lasting, consider an outdoor chaise longue or the garden sofa you’ve been dreaming of. After all, socialising and entertaining is likely to be focused on outdoor spaces for a little while yet to come.

How are you getting ready for the slow opening up after lockdown? Are you planning small get- togethers in your garden? Let me know in the comments below or on Instagram and Facebook.

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