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Sun Loungers You Can Leave Outside? Yes, Really!

A fabric cushioned sun lounger sat on a garden patio in the sunshine next to an outdoor pouffe with a jug of cold water

Welcome to a sun lounger that is soft, decadently comfortable, and rugged enough to handle the weather.

We took the newly launched sun lounger from Armadillo Sun to the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.  Cushioned and fantastically comfortable, we had queues of gardeners keen to test it out for us with a lovely lie-down.

Sally from Getting Stuff Done in Heels relaxing on a luxury sun lounger from Armadillo Sun at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2022Sally, from  Getting Stuff Done in Heels, enjoying the Armadillo Sun luxury sun lounger!

Once our eager testers had got over just how comfy, supportive and robust it was (this lounger will not tip over, fold-up or collapse under you), the question we were asked the most was…

“…but can you leave it outside? Can you really?”


We have designed our luxury sun lounger for extravagant comfort and practical durability.

Four essential components make it the perfect all-weather lounger.

1. Made from fabric that doesn’t absorb water

You can’t avoid the rain when you live in the UK, but when you’re basking in the sunshine you don’t want to be worrying about it.

The fabric of our sun loungers is 100% Polyolefin, a material that offers exceptional performance against water. It does not absorb moisture and dries rapidly. The result is a lounger you can leave outdoors overnight, or in the rain, with the confidence that, at the first glimmer of sunshine, it’ll be dry enough to laze on.

As an added bonus this material wicks away sweat and doesn’t generate static. So, unlike standard waterproof fabrics, you won’t stick uncomfortably to your lounger after an afternoon sunbathing.

2. Filled with high-quality beans that won’t get soggy

Wave goodbye to the cushion hokey-cokey! There’s no need to run your sun lounger cushions inside on sighting a grey cloud, or worry about dew or condensation on a summer night.

Drawing on our years of experience making luxury outdoor bean bags, we have filled the Armadillo Sun lounger with high quality beans that don’t absorb water. When there’s a downpour, the rain will run straight through the lounger, rather than being sucked up into the cushion foam used on other patio furniture.

Teamed with our magic fabric, the sun lounger will dry fast and you won’t risk a soggy bottom when you want to relax.

3. Mould and stain-resistance = a maintenance-free sun lounger

There’s little that will burst your zen-bubble quicker than having to scrape black mould off your garden lounger before you sit down to enjoy your morning coffee. How ever damp the summer may be, your Armadillo Sun lounger won’t rot or turn mouldy. It will resist the damage caused by sea water and chlorinated pool water too.

If you then accidentally spill that coffee, with just water and a wipe, your sun lounger is restored stain-free. Whilst natural fabrics can be gorgeous, wiping away red wine or chocolate with nothing more than water makes for a far more relaxing outdoor experience. Plus, the fabric of this sun lounger really is as soft and lightweight as cotton – if you don’t believe me, please order one of our samples to feel for yourself!

4. Solution-dyed jacquard patterns that will not fade

The Armadillo Sun luxury sun lounger is available in a beautiful geometric print in two classic colours: natural and grey. If you’d like another pattern or colour, please get in touch because we are happy to discuss bespoke options too.

We use jacquard fabric, which means the pattern is woven instead of being printed onto the surface of the material. Each strand of yarn is solution-dyed so its colour goes through the entire thread, rather than lying on the outer surface only.

The result is a material that will hold its colour, and a pattern that will not fade or stretch or rub off altogether.

More than just weatherproof…

It’s been a labour of love to design and make, but I really do believe that this is the perfect sun lounger.

Over and above the fabulous features that make it tough enough for outdoors, it is:

  • lightweight and easy to move into the sunshine. At about half the weight of a standard wooden sun lounger you’ll maximise the sun without compromising your back. Plus, the useful handles and hardwearing fabric means you won’t worry about scraping the material

  • sturdier than a folding lounger and won’t tip over, feel wobbly, or collapse

  • ready for lounging straight out of the box. No assembly, or faffing with tools and instruction booklets, required

  • stylish and chic, delivering all the luxury you’d expect at 5-star resort in your own back garden. Add a garden pouffe to hold your book and a glass of something chilled, and you won’t need to leave home to feel like you’ve been on holiday!

We’re showing off our sun loungers at both the RHS Hampton Court and Tatton Park Flower Shows. Do come and see us, or please give us a call to chat through how our new sun lounger would work in your outdoor space.

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