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Who’s feeling unapologetically festive this year? Decorations are going up early and, I’ll admit it, I’ve had my first mince pie.

When you deck the halls, don’t forget the doorstep and the garden! Make your garden as beautiful and as magical as your living room.

Use my twelve simple outdoor décor ideas to add a touch of festive sparkle to your garden. Light-up Santa optional!

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We’re not long back from displaying our wares at the Spirit of Christmas Fair. In amongst all the lights, and the excitement at the prospect of a ‘normal’ Christmas, present choices were being made carefully. There was a strong focus on thoughtful gifts that would be useful, lasting, and from businesses with a mission beyond their product.

I’ve picked out ten of the companies at the Spirit of Christmas Fair whose message runs strong through their business, and each with a thoughtful gift I’d love to receive myself!

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We’ve just about stopped spinning from our week at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. It was the Show's inaugural autumn appearance, and our first ever Chelsea experience, so we knew it would be special. Guests were fizzing with excitement and buzzing with the energy we’ve so missed this last 18 months.

What's more with the changing of the seasons, had come a whole new colour outlook. Bold, bright, and refreshing! This will not be a winter for hibernating!

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The RHS Flower Shows have returned with stylish ideas to transform your outdoor space.

From contemporary garden décor to traditional artisanal planters (and a greenhouse I can’t get out of my head), there was an abundance of fantastic products and ideas for your garden. These are seven of my favourite businesses designing and crafting beautiful garden accessories – and they’re all run by wonderful people too!

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