Garden Jobs for March - 11 ideas to get ready for spring

The lovely Lizzie from The Rose Press Garden is in the process of transforming her new build garden plot into the garden of her dreams. She let us know what jobs she's getting done in the garden this March to prepare for a wonderful spring!

Lizzie Fox talks seedlings and pruning with Armadillo Sun

March is a glorious month - spring has sprung, the birds are singing and the daffodils and tulips start to bloom in full force.

  • March is the start of the typical 'seed sowing season'. There is so much you can sow in March as the light levels get longer and the days get warmer. My favourite flower seeds to sow in March are:

- Cosmos,

- Nemesia,

- Sweet Peas,

- Snapdragons, and

- Scabious.

These flowers are absolutely loved by bees and you can get your own seed packets online at The Rose Press Garden.

  • As daffodils go over, pink off the deadheads, but leave the foliage to die back naturally. This will let the foliage die back and the energy will go back into the bulb ready for a great show again next year,

  • If you haven't pruned your roses, then this a job for early March. This is the last call for rose pruning!

  • It's also a great time to plant bare root roses. You can buy these as bare roots which helps the environment as you’re not transporting a heavy pot, plus companies such as David Austin roses now send all their plants out in biodegradable packaging.

  • Plant summer flowering bulbs such as lilies - these will give off a gorgeous scent in the Summer. Or try Roselilies which have double petals!

  • Now is a great time to tidy up borders and pull up any of those pesky weeds! 

  • Add a layer of mulch to your borders to suppress weeds and add nutrients to your soil.

  • Plant out shrubs and climbers so that they can get established before the heat of summer begins.

  • Sow native wildflower seeds - it’s really important to leave an area in your garden for nature. Imagine if everyone in the country left 1m squared!

  • Continue deadheading spring flowers and any remaining winter bedding so they don't set seed.

  • Add fertiliser to flowerbeds and around roses, shrubs and hedges.

 ...and finally, don't forget to sit outside, relax and enjoy your garden!

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