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12 uses for 12 months: why a bean bag is the best seat in the house

A navy and navy-patterned bean bag chair is being used as an extra chair next to the sofa in an elegant living room

How a bean bag could become the most used seat in your home this year!

Looking for intimate seating for date night?

Want to encourage relaxed conversation at a party?

Need a hassle-free solution to sit everyone for a family get-together?

Luxury bean bag chairs are your answer. They are the ultimate in versatile indoor and outdoor seating.

Why choose bean bags for your home and garden:

  • Indoor-outdoorArmadillo Sun makes its bean bags from the ultimate weatherproof fabric that resists the elements but is super-soft, elegant and inviting indoors.

  • Comfort a properly filled bean bag is supportive and enveloping, like a wonderful hug. Plus there are never any worries of it tipping over on uneven surfaces.

  • Lighteasy and quick to move and rearrange without palaver, or hurting your back.

  • Maintenance-freewhen made with the right fabric, a bean bag is stain-resistant and spill-proof. When used outside it won’t fade in the sun or rot in the rain. It requires very little maintenance to keep it looking gorgeous – a wipe to remove any surface dirt and it’s ready to lounge.

  • Inviting to young and olda bean bag simply demands relaxation!

Indoor and outdoor furniture is an investment. Maximise your sitting for your spend with Indoor-Outdoor Bean Bags that will provide a comfortable seat, all year round, for a multitude of different uses and events.

12 ways to use a bean bag to sit you from January to December

January – enveloped in a beanbag, create an instant cosy escape for me-time

Dark days and the turning of the year come with reflection and re-evaluation. A bean bag carried into a corner of the living room, or against the radiator in the bedroom, becomes a place to be absorbed by a book, or gather your thoughts and watch the weather outside.

Someone reads a book in a cosy corner on a faux fur bean bag

February – kindle intimate conversation with the perfect indoor picnic set-up

What better way to celebrate a cosy Valentine’s Day than snuggled together on bean bags watching an old film and grazing on a beautiful picnic of charcuterie and strawberries? Informal, yet luxuriously self-indulgent, bean bags set the tone perfectly. Opt for faux fur bean chairs and your brownie points sky-rocket!

March – say no to spring cleaning your outdoor furniture! 

With the early days of spring emerging you might think about tackling the outdoor furniture to be ready for the longer days. This is made simple when your outdoor furniture is bean bags made from stain-proof, mould-resistant, fabric. Instead enjoy more of the first days of spring at the window!

Ocean blue bean bag indoors between two elegant rooms

April – soak up the sunshine between the showers with an outdoor bean bag that can handle the weather and dries quick

April might be too early for the covers to come off most garden furniture, but not so for outdoor bean bags! They dry super quickly and are perfect for making the most of any spring sunshine without the risk of a soggy bottom. Read more about our view on waterproofing for our garden bean bags and outdoor cushions here.

May – encourage multi-generational fun with a games evening

You won't be surprised to hear that we find that kids and teenagers love our bean bags. But are they only for kids and teenagers? Absolutely not! 

The joy of a properly filled, well-designed, bean bag, is that it is supremely comfortable for everyone from 3 to 103. No sharp edges to donk your head on when you're little and, when you're a little older, a seat that supports you but doesn't leave you flailing to get out. Pregnant friends will thank you as they ease their aching bones into their enveloping softness.

Invite everyone around for the bank holidays for an indoor games evening. Or, if the weather is kind, consider a garden-cinema night.

Two people sitting on bean bags playing a card game

June – celebrate the summer solstice with an elegant garden party

With a bean bag there is a multitude of colours and patterns to choose from to ensure that your outdoor space emulates your style. Whether you prefer something bold and vibrant or a neutral for understated chic, make sure to show off your patio and garden with a party!

July – enjoy hassle-free BBQs and al fresco dining 

Outdoor dining is easy when you can rearrange the furniture by swinging it over your shoulder (making use of the handy handle) and remove tomato sauce and red wine spills from the fabric with a damp cloth.

Elevate your outdoor dining experience with a bean bag garden sofa which benefits from all the features of the bean bag chair on a larger scale. No more hefting around a clunky outdoor furniture set!

August – really lounge at the beach (without fear of toppling over)

No more sinking into the sand or teetering unevenly. A bean bag chair makes you the envy of other beach-goers by being both super comfy and super sturdy. Plus the cotton-feel fabric won't stick to your skin in the sunshine.

A bean bag at the beach is worth every inch of car space in getting it there!

Two people sitting on bean bag chairs on a sandy beach looking over the sea

September – grab the sunniest spot whilst still protecting your lawn

Chase the last of the sunshine around your garden, without leaving a trail of little muddy sinkholes and damaging the grass. An outdoor bean bag is garden seating you really can use on the lawn.

October – embrace the transition of the seasons with afternoons by the fire-pit and evenings by the fireplace

A bean bag that is hardy enough for outdoors but elegant enough for indoors, means you are ready to enjoy whatever the weather has in store. Whisk it outside for a seat on a cold bright winter afternoon, and then simply carry it back indoors to warm up with a hot cuppa.

Bean bag sat on the lawn in the sunshine

November – use a faux fur cover on your bean bag to cosy-up indoors

As the nights draw in, bring your bean bag indoors for fireside seating - or for somewhere to sit and prise off your muddy boots. Change-up your bean bag completely with its own faux fur cover and take cosy to a new level!

December – pull up an extra seat for friends & family and celebrate the festive season together

The perfect easy chair for the extra guest (or guests!) over Christmas and New Year. Comfortable, stylish, and simple to carry to wherever you want it.

The difficulty will be getting your guests to leave!

Armadillo Sun makes premium luxury garden furniture from a converted barn in the Kent countryside. Founder Caroline Lomax discovered the high-quality, indoor-outdoor fabric she uses to make all her furniture when on holiday in the USA. She wanted to recreate the fuss-free, laidback, outdoor living she saw on her travels, and Armadillo Sun was born